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Testing tools for C, C++ and Java

Testwell - for your software's quality

[NOTE! These pages have not been updated for a couple of years. You'll find up-to-date information from Verifysoft Technology GmbH, : product videos, platforms availability, references, customer testimonials, seminars, webinars, what tool upgrades have come, etc.

However, although there has come various enhancements, these pages should still give a reasonable and technically meaningful picture for what the Testwell Tools can be used, how they are used, and what kind of reports they give. ]

The Testwell tools are code level testing tools for C, C++, C# and Java languages.

  • code coverage measuring, dynamic analysis (C/C++/C#/Java: CTC++)
  • code complexity measuring, static analysis (C/C++/C#/Java: CMT++ and  CMTJava)
  • unit test execution framework (C++: CTA++)
The Testwell tools are simple to use.The tools are light but still contain all the essential "must" features of an industry-strength testing tool.

The development of Testwell tools has been started already at the 80's.  They have matured to robust products that just do their job. The tools can be used independently, and also in harmony together.

The Testwell tools are an unbeaten choice when looking for simple-to-use and efficient tools for testing C, C++, C# and Java code.
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Now shipping (August 2020)

Testwell CTC++ v9.1
Test Coverage Analyzer for C/C++/C#/Java

Testwell CMT++ v7.0
Complexity Measures Tool for C/C++/C#
Testwell CMTJava v4.0
Complexity Measures Tool for Java
Testwell CTA++ v3.0.6
C++ Test Aider (unit testing)
Customer base
Our customers work at telecom, transportation, healthcare, space, etc. fields. Generally on areas of demanding testing requirements. For example the following: ABB • Alcatel • Areva • Audi • BMW • Bosch • Brocade • Cisco • Continental • Daimler • ESA • GE Healtcare • Hitachi • Infineon • nVidia • Philips • Siemens • ST-Ericsson • Texas Instruments • T-Mobile • TomTom • Volkswagen • Wipro • ZF Group
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( gap to 2018)
CTC++ v9.0 available (November 2018)
CTC++ v8.2.2 available (January 2018)
CTC++ v8.2 available (May 2017)
CMT++ v6.0.1 available (March 2017)
CTC++ v8.1 available (December 2016)
CTC++ v8.0.1 available (June 2016)
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