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 tools for C, C++ and Java
Company and product background

Testwell develops and markets software testing tools for C, C++ and Java languages. We operate internationally, directly and via distributors. We have customers in over 20 countries, in Europe, Far East and the USA working on demanding applications: telecommunication, cellular phones, health care, transportation, banking, space, and others.

Although being capable in demanding use cases, these tools have been designed with ordinary grass-root programmers/testers in mind. These tools are easy to learn and use. By means of their automation support the efficiency of the testing work can be greatly enhanced. These tools also facilitate the use of "the sound software engineering principles" without extra bureaucratic pain to the tester.

Before Testwell its products had been developed for quite many years already. The initial versions of our products have been developed at the Tampere site of companies Oy Softplan Ab, Nokia Data Systems Oy and ICL Personal Systems Oy. Softplan was an innovative software house, a subsidiary to Nokia Data, later merged to its parent. Nokia Data was the computer manufacturing branch of the Nokia Corp., later acquired by ICL Plc.

In early 80's Nokia Data developed an Ada based computer called Nokia MPS 10 on whose system software development Softplan took part. Along with that work the initial versions of the Ada (83) testing tools TBGEN (1984, unit testing) and TCMON (1985, code coverage). [The development and sale of  these two tools was discontinued in 2003]

Later on similar testing tools were developed for C and C++: CTB (1988, C unit testing) [The development and sale of CTB was discontinued in 2003], CTC++ (1989, C/C++ code coverage), CMT++ (1990, C/C++ complexity metrics), CTA++ (1998, C++ unit testing), CMTJava (2001, Java complexity metrics ).

Testwell was founded in 1992 with a mission to further develop, market and support these tools. Testwell's managing director is Mr. Olavi Poutanen (olavi(DOT)poutanen(AT)testwell(DOT)fi). He has been in charge of the development of these tools already at the time he was working in the above mentioned companies.

Testwell Oy Ltd is a privately held company at Tampere, Finland. Our offices are located at Technopolis Tampere facilities, at an immediate vicinity of Tampere University of Technology and its Department of Information Technology. At Hermia there are over 100 companies, research units and organizations, many of which are working on advanced software development area. The innovative professional environment with close connections to research and education are assets in Testwell's future development work.

Effective 1 July 2013 Verifysoft Technology GmbH ( ) has purchased the IPR rights of the Testwell tools. Verifysoft will market the tools directly and via their distributors. Testwell remains supporting and developing the tools onwards for Verifysoft.